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If your business is impacted by this pandemic, you can put in place one or more of the following measures, which you can set up in your Store Settings from your Seller Area:
- Setting up holiday mode
- Temporary deactivation of automatic order acceptance
- Withdrawal of certain delivery methods (relay, express...)
- Cancellation of orders if you are unable to fulfil them

Below you will find the latest news on this new arrangement, and we will be sure to get back to you with new information if necessary. The Seller support is available via the type of case "information about the Coronavirus" 


  • Can I sell masks / hydroalcoolic hand soap on Cdiscount?  

To support the French in this difficult period, Cdiscount is organizing to market from Monday, May the 4th reusable masks and single-use masks for customers, under certain conditions. Do you have products that comply with the applicable norms and standards?
You can submit your request to our support service by using the following subtypology: "
Sell your products " > " Products closed to my subscription ".
Here are the documents you will be asked to provide to ensure your eligibility for sales, depending on the type of mask :

For chirurgical mask, please provide us :

  1. A test report carried out by a specialized laboratory (in french or in english). The official list of laboratory can be here for EU countries and here for China.
  2. A CE declaration of compliance with a EU representative (please model here)
  3. A picture of the mask and the product packaging with the norm and reference visible as per the test report.
  4. All documents provided must have French or English translation
  5. The product sheet will show "masque chirurgical"
  6. The packaging and instructions must be in French and the packaging must show the CE marking, type, norms, filtration capacity indicated on the packaging, contact details of the manufacturer/agent or importer.
  7. The declaration from the "Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des produits de santé" (ANSM).
For UNS1/2 masks, please provide us :
  1. A test report from DGA or an IFTH certification (Direction Générale des Armées) no information must be hidden.
  2. The test report should indicate the number of washes for which the mask is validated
  3. A picture of your product(s), the user manual and the packaging
  1. The product sheet must show "masque UNS1" or "masque UNS2" as well as how many time it can be washed

FFP2, KN95 or N95 masks are forbidden

The product sheet must not contain any medical claims, covid protection, filtration capacity, antibacterial or virus terms. Otherwise, the product sheet will be closed.

Your request will only be taken into account if all the required documents are present and following a check of their conformity by our Quality department.

The French government recommends a price range for the sale of these masks of between 2 and 3 euros including VAT, i.e. a cost per use of 10 to 30 centimes depending on the number of washes and possible reuses. The price of a single-use mask will be less than 1 euro including VAT, in line with their purchase prices abroad.

Maximum retail price including all taxes of hydro-alcoholic gels
50ml or less40 € per liter, i.e. a  maximum unit price of 2 € for a 50 ml bottle maximum
More than 50ml, up to 100ml included30 € per liter, i.e. a  maximum unit price of 3 € for a 100 ml bottle maximum
More than 100ml, up to 300ml included16.70 € per liter, i.e. a  maximum unit price of 5 € for a 300 ml bottle maximum
More than 300ml15 € per liter, i.e. a  maximum unit price of 15 € for a 1 l bottle maximum


The French Relais Colis, Mondial Relay and TNT Relais networks have updated their fleet of open relay points. The Chronopost Relais network is due to update its fleet shortly. Half of the Colissimo collection points are forced to close. Customers with pending parcels have been contacted.
If you wish, you can deactivate relay point deliveries via your Settings > Your shipping choices (tick or uncheck certain modes). As a reminder, tracked/recommended deliveries remain mandatory.

According to the disruptions on the logistic in France and in order to assure reliable deliveries, the delivery time on our website is going to be extended. For technical reasons, these changes will be done on the offers little by little, taking into priority the ones that have generated sales within the last 30 days.  Set up your preparation delays directly on your offers (1 to 5 days at your choice) 


Our Fulfilment service continues to receive your products and ensure shipment. Our logistics capacities are even greater than during the first lockdown with extended time slots.
All Fulfilment orders placed up until yesterday at collection points: Relais Colis, Mondial Relay and TNT that are currently closed will be sent to your customers by home delivery to avoid parcels being blocked during lockdown.



You can cancel orders if you are unable to deliver them or if you have doubts about the capacity of your carrier. Your quality rates will be impacted but we will not take any suspensive action on cancellation indicators. We therefore invite you to choose this solution in case of doubt about your delivery capacity.